Tips for betting on virtual sports

Tips for betting on virtual sports

In recent years, virtual sports have grown more and more popular with gamblers around the globe, and it’s not hard to see why. Unlike real-life sporting events, virtual matches and races take place 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Not to mention, these events last only a few minutes at most, and the graphic capabilities today guarantee an immersive experience.

The key difference between conventional sports and virtual sports is that in the latter, gamers place bets on simulated events and races where a random number generator determines the outcome. Due to this high degree of unpredictability, you’ll need to adopt a virtual betting strategy that will naturally differ from regular sports betting.

Every punter places bets with one primary goal: to win and subsequently make a profit. However, this is not as straightforward a process, and you’ll often come across bettors who have suffered huge losses in their online gambling journey.

With this virtual sports guide, we’re not promising some sort of silver bullet that will see you make massive profits through gambling on sports. However, our tried and tested virtual sports tips will help you win bets more frequently or at least evade significant losses.

1.      Choose your virtual sport carefully

As is the case with standard sporting events, sportsbooks offer a variety of virtual sports ranging from virtual football, tennis and basketball to virtual horse racing, greyhound racing and speedway. Now, you may think that since the results are determined randomly, your chances of winning will be the same regardless of your chosen sport. This is far from the truth.

Let’s consider virtual racing events, for instance. In horse racing, the number of competitors ranges between six and 15, while 12 cars will participate in a motor racing event. Greyhound racing and speedway require six dogs and four bikes, respectively. Bettors have a higher probability of successfully picking a winner when the number of runners is low. Therefore, you may notice that your predictions are more accurate in a four-bike speedway than in a horse race with 15 competitors.

Therefore, an excellent virtual betting strategy is to opt for a sport with fewer betting options.

2.      Smaller stakes are key

Virtual sports betting comes with a high degree of unpredictability and randomness. This makes it harder to successfully pick a winner or predict the outcome of an event. Given this volatility, large bets can quickly result in hefty losses that are tricky to recover from.

For bettors looking to avoid massive losses and enjoy virtual sports betting in the long-term, smaller stakes are the way to go. Of course, if you win, you’ll only receive a small profit, but a profit nonetheless. In the event that you lose, it’ll be a lot easier to absorb the loss.

3.      Chasing losses is always a bad call

No punter enjoys losing a bet, whatever the form of gambling. However, with gambling, both wins and losses come with the territory. And virtual sports are no different.

As part of their virtual betting strategy, players need to know how to handle a loss. The worst course of action would be to try and ‘make your money back’ by placing even more bets. Chasing your losses is rarely fruitful, and in most cases, it results in larger losses at a faster rate.

After a loss, it’s advisable to pause, regroup and try to win at a later time. If wins and profits are proving to be elusive, then perhaps it’s time to choose a different virtual sport or even a form of gambling that is less volatile.

4.      Consider betting on the favorite

As is the case with actual sporting events, there are favorites and outsiders in virtual sports, and while virtual sports outcomes depend on a computer algorithm, the favorites are weighted. This means that favored runners or teams are likely to win or place in the top positions on the leaderboard over several races or matches. Therefore, a valuable virtual sports tip is to back the favored competitor with an each-way bet. Typically, the odds will be lower, but a small profit is still significant.

This does not mean that you should always back the favorite. If the front-runner has a couple of consecutive wins, for instance, backing an underdog with either a win or each-way bet would be more fitting. Even with standard sports betting, the underdog wins sometimes.


5.      Select the ideal virtual betting site


Not all virtual betting sites are created equal. The importance of joining the right platform cannot be overstated, and ultimately, your chosen site will directly influence your virtual sports betting experience.

There are countless betting sites to choose from, with more emerging every day. So, how can you determine which virtual betting site is suitable for your needs? Here are some important factors to consider.

  • Quality of customer support
  • Userfriendliness of the platform
  • Favorable deposit and withdrawal terms
  • Range of virtual sports and betting markets on offer
  • Promotions
  • Return-to-player rate

6.      The right bet goes a long way

With every virtual sport, there are specific betting markets that offer more success compared to other options. As part of our virtual sports guide, we have compiled some betting options that give you a better chance of winning and, therefore, making a profit.

  • Win bets on virtual speedway
  • Match-result bets in football
  • Win bets for horse racing events with sixor sevenparticipants
  • Each-way bets for horse racing events with between sixand eightrunners
  • Win bets on virtual cycling with sixor sevencyclists
  • Each-way bets on virtual cycling with between sixand ninecyclists
  • Match-result bets in tennis

While these betting markets may prove to be relatively more rewarding, this does mean that you should limit your options to those listed above.

Summing Up

There you have it! These are our top virtual sports tips for bettors looking to make the most of their online gambling journey. Remember, it’s essential that you choose the right virtual sport, bet type and betting platform. Smaller bets will help to keep the fun going for a longer time, and backing the favorite may be lucrative.

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